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Mäkkeleä Mäkkelä more
•Last Of A Dying Breed
Aavikko Janne Westerlund more
• Oran
Aavikko Church Of The Blue Nun more
• The Art Of Worshipping
Aavikko Karoshi Lovers more
• Death Pop
Aavikko Aavikko more
art-space-pop / krautambient
• Novo Atlantis
Geoff Berner Geoff Berner more
Klezmer - Singer/Songwriter
• We Shall Not Flag Or Fail, We Shall
  Go On To the End
Cleaning Women Mäkkelä & Orkesteri more
• Means Nothing In Hitchin
Cleaning Women Geoff Berner more
Klezmer - Singer/Songwriter
• Klezmer Mongrels
Cleaning Women Cleaning Women more
experimental pop
• Aelita – The Queen Of Mars
Aavikko Aavikko more
electronic exotica
/instrumental surf-disco

• History of muysic
• Back From The Futer
Gaffers Gaffers more
sound-loops from forgotten disks
• Dear Hiwatt
Giant Robot Giant Robot more
advanced dance-beats / hip-hop
• Domesticy
Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge more
(Lofi-)Pop- und Folksong
• the penguin ep
• Angelgold Pike´s Jaw
Desert Planet Desert Planetnew more
• Moonrocks
Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge Desert Planet more
• Mario Built My Hot Rod
Sub Machine Music Sub Machine Music more
The Pop files
Popsong meets electronica meets weirdo-folk
The Anglo German Low Stars The Anglo German Low Stars more
Motion picture soundtrack
Moviesoundtrack "the night of the amazon - a european roadmovie"
BURNING ART - the online-release-series
       Start page more
Matt Everett Matt Everett more
Music between Martin Newell, Syd Bared and Nick Drake. The German-debut of a brillant songwriter :
Los Chicos Muertos Los Chicos Muertos more
„Folksong for the criminally insane"
This is great alternative-country songwriting, accompanied by drum-machine/sequencer programming
Grae J. Wall & Andy K-Bone Keeble Grae J. Wall & Andy K-Bone Keeble more
„The Ballad Of St. Albans Gaol, Vol. 1"
Also part of the Anglo German Low Stars these two friendly lunatics from sunny St. Albans/UK serve us with trash-folk at it's best!
Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge & Mano Nelson Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge & Mano Nelson more
Mäkkelä of the Anglo German Low Stars with his tour-buddy Mr. Nelson. This is where intense songwriting meets soundloops and odd pop-jewels. An amazing little cd.
Clive Product Clive Product more
„Broken Pieces”
Fragments of a cruel winter. Six little imperfections. Broken pieces...
Gaffers Gaffers more
„Imbiss Team "
Less electro-cluster more pop-song? Sort of… ”Imbiss Team” is offering a well-balanced blend of, let’s say, Mum, Guided By Voices and - THE WHO
The Anglo German Low Stars The Anglo German Low Stars more
„The Dead Grandmas Of Potsdam”
Here they are again, Old Europe’s reknown heroes of anarchistic trashfolk-lofi-pop-avantgardesurf, the Anglo German Low Stars.
Dan Blocker Dan Blocker more
„Poems From The Sun”
Three songs making their way between some Martin Newell-ish structures, classical piano spots and strange, flurrying bits crackling in the background.

 The Artists -
 the releases

Why them? Why here? Take this, bastard !

Visions are an essential part of pop-culture. Our opinion. That´s basically one of the reasons why the artists featured on this website are signed to 9pm Records. It´s them and us to share aspects of a vision of pop-music. A vision that goes beyond measuring musical quality by the sales-figures of a release. A vision that popmusic creates an irresistible drive and energy as soon as it starts interacting with other genres of contemporary creativity/pop-culture. This bears all the opportunities for pop to set exclamationmarks, move minds, kick imaginations and break up it's traditional limits.

Another point for these artists is the fact that a label defines itself through it´s signed artists. In our opinion the music we´re aiming to release should be of a strong character even if this means the common music-media or radio formats will most likely ignore such music. That´s part of the show and it characterizes the 9pm Records´ artists and label-catalogue.

And no, we don´t think that this policy will lead straight into commercial success, but in fact it feels right and sooner or later most of you out there will find out that popmusic not necessarily has to be some slick, boring, replacable middle-of-the-road crap. Here´s some information on the releases, free mp3s, the sleeves and an opportunity to buy the records. Help yourself.