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- Oran

Janne Westerlund is surely one of the most interesting musicians of recent Finnish underground music's history. Guitarist of one of Finland's most influencial progressive avantgarde rock bands, Sweetheart, being today considered Finland's answer to Cpt. Beefheart, the guy set standards already back in the 1990s as a not even twenty year old muso. After their split he joined CIRCLE, probably nowadays one of the highest rated Finnish outfits in improvised music/psychedelic rock, one of the few Finnish bands in that genre touring regularly the US and whole Europe. As a songwriter/guitarist he's fronting PLAIN RIDE, a group with so far four outstanding Americana/Songwriter Pop releases under their belt. Particularly the PLAIN RIDE material pointed the direction he now hits full swing with his solo debut album.
What Westerlund wrote and recorded over the past three years is indeed in all it's maturity and quality remarkable material Janne Westerlund combines reduced but nevertheless skilled guitar and banjo picking with the fine art of story telling. One of the things that make his approach so unique is the way he manages to sneak around standard phrasing and worn out chord changes. His ability of pushing the limits of intensity with his hoarse voice, with very personal yet vivid lyrics, on basis of brillantly picked patterns, resembling loops, is an at least exceptional go on the genre. Though this all looks live like done in a most unspectacular, confident way it's just impressive how this guy manages to gives his listeners shivers down their spines. Probably one of the most interesting singer/songwriter albums from Finland 2012.

1. A Prayer For Judee Sill
2. Squeaky Love
3. Famous Birthmark
4. Friend
5. Kingdom Of Control
6. Evelyn Rose
7. Hallelujah, I'm A Bum
8. Let It Show
9. Water Tower
10. North Pole


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