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- Novo Atlantis

After successfully recording exceptional albums, playing outstanding shows and being simply one of Finland's quirkiest electronic-music outfits, Aavikko finally invite us on a trip into the future of
– let's call it –
krautambientpop! From their first album on the boys from Siilinjärvi in Finland served us with a genuine blend of disco-polka-trash-jazz (still remember their brillant debut „Derek“?) and enlightened our poor existences with unforgettable instrumental anthems. Now we're heading for outer space! Spaceship Aavikko took off for a journey towards Novo Atlantis located somewhere some 600 lightyears away from our blue plant.
Tomi Leppänen (Drums), Tomi Kosonen (Synthesizer) and Paul Staufenbiel (Synthesizer) are finally and definitely on their way to become a cult band. As the opener „Syntaksis“ recalls the band we've known from their previous releases. Gone mad organs meet synthesizer wackyness with a highly danceable back-beat, the following tracks on this extraordinary album catapult us towards a new dimension. Ambient meets spacy pop-unclassifiedness and lingers at top-speed through a bizarre mosaic made of electronic smithereens just to end up in what might be judged the closest krautrock could get towards pop. The influences from all the different side-projects of these multitalented musicians (ranging from Circle across Astro Can Caravan towards Cosmo Jones Beatmachine) found their way onto this album making it one of the most thrilling ones you can listen to in 2009! A blinding combination of sounds, beats and a visionary view on the future of instrumental pop-music in our young century.



1. Syntaksis  [03:37]
2. Dies Irae Discodelico  [04:15]
3. Novo Atlantis I  [03:22]
4. Novo Atlantis II  [15:04]

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