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Band:   Church Of The Blue Nun | CD (2012) MP3   Real Media Stream
Release:   The Art Of Worshipping MP3   Real Media Stream
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Church of the blue nunCHURCH OF THE BLUE NUN
- The Art Of Worshipping

They borrowed their name from a wine label. The album has been recorded live in a 1920s built methodist church. The few selected shows they've been playing so far all over Germany turned out to pull amazing crowds with no more promotion but four songs on MySpace. Mäkkelä the Fin, his Dutch partner Robin van Velzen and their acoustic outfit The Church Of The Blue Nun are an indeed exceptional phenomenon on the indie-folk scene. As a matter of fact their debut album adds an interesting new colour to the singer-songwriter genre. Both blessed with a talent for writing extraordinary material they managed to record in few recording sessions in one year's time a more than just considerable debut. A full-length album that may for good reason be seen as an original, distinct scheme for European alternative folk/singer-songwriter music they label "Folk Nouveau. An explanation might be their musical background...

Mäkkelä set out good ten years ago as solo performer with his electric guitar subsequently releasing two full-length albums, an ep and a single whilst touring from Scandinavia across Europe to the UK and back. Noticeable in his works are undoubtedly his regular collaborations and experimenting with artists from different genres. Amongst others 8-bit/gamescore influenced electronic outfit Desert Planet (FIN), Finnish tango vocalist Laura Ryhänen, lofi-ambient weirdo[drekka] (Blue Sanct Records/USA) or Canada's klezmer outlaw Geoff Berner. Robin van Velzen's main occupation over the recent years were Germany's hottest indie-pop outfit The Robocop Kraus and his own post-punk duo Bambi Davidson. Despite touring with both bands regularly the Dutch singer-guitarist managed to release a critically acclaimed songwriter album with his loose project The Mother, The Son & The Holy Ghost. Surpising stuff for a guy who used to be the driving force behind Holland's much-noticed jazz-core trio Megakronkel back in the nineties.
And here is finally "The Art Of Worshipping", The Church Of The Blue Nun's debut album. A drumless beauty in sound, mainly recorded in acoustic lineup. Atmospheric songs, quaintly arranged with a great feel for the most suitable dynamics and arrangement. Thanks to the distinct songwriting of Mäkkelä and van Velzen and their terrific sidemen Tobias Stutz (cello), Jens Petzold (upright bass) and Stefan Nast-Kolb (accordion) the whole album can keep it's intensity throughout. An amazing debut between indie-folk, americana and chamber music flavoured lofi pop. The icing on the cake is for sure the remarkable mastering done in the studio of the Nuernberg academy of music. One of the most prestigious mastering facilities in the south of Germany. A debut album one wouldn't expect of such maturity.

1. Icecubes
2. Rainbow Filled Days
3. Tear And A Half
4. Evelyn Says
5. Sister Flax
6. Another Day
7. September Gurls
8. Onions
9. Goho Song
10. Tomáš
11. Damsons
12. Safe
13. Church Of The Blue Nun


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