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artist:   Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge        arrow Official Band Site labelcode:   03447  
title:   Angelgold Pike's Jaw label-catal.-no  9:PM 018  
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Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge
- „Angelgold Pike's Jaw"

The crackle and hiss of a lo-fi loop brings the barefoot giant to centre stage crouched in 70's wedding suit over the yellow Gretch Astro Jet. The sound of the guitar is delicate and brittle, like a vulture's cry on the desert breeze. From the dusty forgotten-towns of Americana, past the amber-glow alleys of Hamburg, through the vodka fuelled desolation of a Finish winter on to a Parisian wine-soaked terrace night - Mäkkelä is the citizen of a decadent dim-lit world where beggars and troubadours are kings for a moment staring star-ward from their glittering gutters whilst queens await saviour from their slate-grey towers. Whether solo, in occasional collaboration or as a regular member of the Anglo German Low Stars , Mäkkelä never fails to win hearts with his spiky de-tuned guitar washes and sinister or darkly joyous narratives.

A genuine contemporary troubadour, Mäkkelä has made regular treks from his adopted German home back to his forefathers land Finland, to the Czech Republic, UK, Austria, Switzerland and France - somewhere in Europe tonight it is likely that a new audience is witnessing the charismatic lo-fi pop styling of the barefoot, wild-haired giant as he plucks the opening discordant notes from the yellow Gretch Astro Jet, to the crackle and hiss of a lo-fi loop.

...some mediaquotes
"this is folkmusic from the big [...] there is longing desire in his voice [...]"
Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung

"[...] as if Elvis Costello and Bob Geldof had met halfway down."

"who wants to know how the future of the singer-/songwriter genre might sound should listen to "Angelgold Pike's Jaw" - it's worth it!"., about mäkkelä's album "Angelgold Pike's Jaw"

"[...] Terwijl ik in het optreden nog enigszins een punkaanpak ten aanzien van het singer-songwritergenre meende te herkennen, blijkt dit album opvallend ingetogen en reflecterend te zijn. Eerder een country- en blues-geïnspireerde aanpak, zeg maar. [...]Het geheel deed me opvallend vaak denken aan de latere en vaak rustigere stukken van Neerlands stugge rockers Hallo Venray (vooral I´m Not a Senseless Person, at Least I Don't Want to Be) en hun zanger Henk Koorn. [...]"

".warped blues, electronics and country-tinged soundscapes."
Time Out, UK