Anglo German Low Stars | tour-diary
Sunday, 09-09-01 | Z - Bau, Nürnberg

And so to Nürnberg and the Roter Salon, which will be an excellent venue when they finish refurbishing the rest of the Z-Bau....but you don't want to hear about the long walk to the loos or the continued presence of our poltergeist (now resident in the fiddle/bass connections) so here's a story about a Low Stars fan.

Eva-Maria first came to see us in Bayreuth last year. This time she was at both the Kulmbach and Nürnberg gigs, managing to leave her boyfriend and move house (from Kulmbach to Nürnberg) between the two. Then, after the gig, she threw a party for us. Cool woman!

Eva, dein Leben startet neu mit jedem Tag. Machst gut!

Andy K.