Anglo German Low Stars | tour-diary
Friday, 07-09-01 | Hannover

We have driven from Hamburg to Hannover. It’s raining. The set-up at Silke is excellent. I’d say it’s the best looking stage I’ve ever seen. All silver and, well, suitably trashy. With a set of traffic lights on each side. And a stuffed vulture. And a spinning Heron.
In Hamburg Grae and I had visited a Turkish shop full of cheap and
cheerfull odds and ends. Grae bought a Dancing Princess. She makes her Low Stars tour debut tonight. The gig takes place in the basement. There is the smell of damp, of beer, of cigarettes.
Our hosts are friendly. People smile. We are served good beer and decent vegetarian food. After the soundcheck the place starts to fill up. There is an air of excitement.
We all play well. Martti, especially, is on top form.
Harry and Erich seem really at ease and look to be enjoying playing for the first time on this tour. We all feel more comfortable. Things are falling into place. The stage sound is also excellent (thanks to Anja) and, in a way, this is almost the perfect gig. Great club, great sound, great people. We play our best sets so far.
As we head off to Kulmbach it’s difficult to put into words exactly what this gig meant. Our spirits have been lifted and we seem to have found our direction. The Low Stars tour rolls on ...