Anglo German Low Stars | tour-diary
Friday, 06-09-01 | Hamburg

The Golden Pudel Club

Hamburg is a low Star Town, they flow down the gutter with the angels dreams. The sea laps at the docks with whispers of every sailor that has passed this way.
The air hangs thick with seedy-glam anticipation whilst above the bar of the Golden Pudel Elvis ‘58 and Elvis ‘75 dance frantically to the Low Stars soundcheck. The curse continues to strike as the posters have faild to arrive, but some nice coverage in the Hamburg Szene ensures a modest audience with an “Impress me” air, and so we do.
For one night only (due to a bad telephone line) we are the Anglo German Cow Stars,Yee Ha!
The first half of the show is smooth as baby oil and twice as fun.
The second half is a more raw experience but recieved fine, despite the influx of those anticipating the soul all-nighter. The highlight for me was the individual take on a Thunders classic from Mäkkeläs Thrash the cry of the Sailor who awakes with an empty wallet, “you can’t put your arms around a memory”.

Grae J.