Anglo German Low Stars | tour-diary
Monday, 29-09-01 | St. Albans, "The White Lion"

And so we turn full circle. Much like the Berlin gig this is home turf and there are some very familiar faces in the audience. All the Low Stars are physically and mentally shattered, but there's a show to do and fun to be had. There's a warm buzz of anticipation in the air and a cold pint of beer in hand and this bolsters us to deliver a dead good show. In between sets the German contingent chat with the locals who are all glad to see these guys back in town. We start nice and early which allows for a relaxed and slightly extended show. It's nice to be able to stick a couple of extra tunes in, and Clive and I give some raucous renditions of "when you hear Angels" and "We know you're out there". The only White Lion virgin is Makkela, and the audience take to him instantly. After the show people will tell me how much they enjoyed "the guy with the hair" and "the guy with the wild yellow guitar". Billy Johnson works the mixing desk to perfection as usual, juggling channels like a true pro to accommodate the ever changing line up. Darren and the rest of the Lion team are perfect hosts as always. Back at my place, Calvados in hand, Mr Coltello sums it up "it's good to be back."
I have to admit my own bed feels fantastic, and being back with my family fills my heart with a pure joy. I sleep very, very soundly. The following morning, Colt and I take a stroll in the park and go for a relaxing Sunday pint at "Ye Olde Fighting Cocks" (the oldest running pub in England), and as we sit and nod our sense of wellbeing I agree with the man, it is indeed good to be back.

Grae J.