Anglo German Low Stars | tour-diary
Monday, 01-10-01 | Nightexpress Berlin-Nuernberg-Vienna

Still I can't believe sitting here with a mandolin, my Gretsch Astro Jet, and a bad smelling travelling bag far too heavy to carry around. This morning we have still been in more or less sunny St. Albans at kev's, Pablo's and Patch's house. Grae drove us to Stansted where we left with the 2.40 p.m. flight to Berlin. It's been a cool and relaxing last tourday in England with a very special appearance of the Anglo german Low Stars at The Horn, St. Albans. We played a tight 45 minutes set which has been recorded by local sound-engineer wizard Bill. Thanks for all you HORN guys (hi, Mr. Twentyman of Fuerth...). It was a perfect one to end these exciting weeks on the road. Actually I'm feeling damn tired as it's 1.45 p.m. now and still quite a way to go to Fuerth/Germany. All my best wishes and a big hug from here to all my fellow low stars, all the wonderful people we met on the road and all those who supported on this big European tour.


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