Anglo German Low Stars | tour-diary
wednesday, 26-09-01 | St. James Wine Vaults, Bath

A nice morning chilling in Warminster after a refreshing nights sleep. Our hosts Phil and Claire live in a great spacious environment that was once the town house of the earls of longleat and is now "Citizen Fish Headquarters".
In the afternoon we head for Bath and Jaspers place. Jaspers housemate Silas is luckily a bit handy in the woodshed and is able to fix Martti's mandolin. The venue is a cool cavern style place. The Citizen Fish pa is excellent and the natural sound of the room is good. A good sized audience arive around 8.30 pm and we kick off at 9pm into a slick first set bolstered by the vocal and appreciative audience. It's nice to have the mandolin back and "Can't put your arms around a memory" makes its second tour appearance with a new loop from the Anglo German Doctor Rhythm, cool! Still not used to the UK licensing hours, we almost ran out of time and have to cut the second set a little short. A very very friendly audience have made us welcome and we head out of Bath with broad smiles. I must mention "Willie's Wurst" probably the only German takeaway in the country which just happens to be based in Warminster. Unfortunately now closed due to lack of interest. Nice that they tried though.

Grae J.