Anglo German Low Stars | tour-diary
tuesday, 25-09-01 | The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch

Got off the nightboat from Cherbourg in the port of Portsmouth round 7am. Though being dog-tired as sleeping on the boat hasn't been that comfortable I'm really curious about England. Never been there before. Phil of Citizen Fish picks us up and we go for a real English breakfast in the blistering sun of a warm September morning. Actually I really liked it except of the sausage or what the British call sausage. Coltello gets a new tattoo and we're leaving for Christchurch, Dorset.
In the New Forest area we have a short stop for a first "Bitter" (looks better than it tastes) and I do enjoy the lovely landscape with wild horses on every second bend. The Thomas Tripp in Christchurch is a nice pub run by Johnny and Phil whom I know from their band Ban Jyang. We're invited to get pissed and relax while waiting for the pa to arrive.They're all so very friendly and generous here and it's a pleasure to meet the Ban Jyang guys after quite a long time. We're playing a nice first show in England which seems to be appreciated by the audience. Thanks mates for giving us such a great start in England. Drinks, food and we're even payed. Some very tired Low Stars are leaving the place around midnight for Warminster. It looks as if I'm really falling in love with this country. But: where is the rain they all have been talking about?

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