Anglo German Low Stars | tour-diary
Monday, 17-09-01 | Freiburg

Flight 13 Records and the Swamp

The coolest record store in town plays host to a semi-unplugged set from the Anglo contingent with some great Trash LOunge mandolin and Mano slapping a rythm on various solid surfaces. Small but attentive audience most of whom turn up later at the Swamp. The Swamp is a suitably trashy venue with a Mexican flavour run by coool host Chico. The set is at it's tightest, keeping a greatmomentum. The venue is pretty packed (brilliant considering it#s a monday). A 12pm curfew curtails the set slightly but all in all one of the best shows yet. An added edge of excitement is added due to both Makkelas Trash Lounge and Mano Nelson using their sexy new guitars (Gretch and Framus). We are now officially a travelling vintage guitar exhibition! A cruise in the Black Forest awaits.

Grae J.