Anglo German Low Stars | tour-diary
Monday, 10-09-01 | Bamberg, "Rex Melodica" Recordshop

Nürnberg, still raining. I think of Zal (my eldest son)). It's his first day at school. I called last night but the boys were already sleeping.

Late afternoon we drive to Bamberg for an in-store promo gig at "Rex Melodica" (Plattenladen). It's a small shop and it only takes a handful of people before it's full. Grae and I, along with Andy, play first, followed by Martti, and then Harry. To close with, Grae and Andy were joined by Martti (this time on the mandolin) for a version of the Velvets' "Think I'm Falling In Love".

Alex Müller, a friend of Martti's (and not to be too confused with acertain Greek film director with a similar name) was there and filmed parts of the gig.

Evening: Andy cooks. We stay at Martti's place, drink beer and Schnapps and listen to stuff from his weird and wonderful record collection.